Carpe Diem!

I will be happy when I get that job, I will loose weight when I get a gym membership, I will buy my partner a gift when I get this amount of money. I will start hustling when I’m done with school. I will, I will , I will.

That’s what most of us, keep on telling ourselves. It is a good visualization but how long will it take us to treat our loved ones well, Untill we get that check? How long will that check take.

So what about we start actualizing all our dreams right now bit by bit, if you want to loose weight, start with a simple walk every morning, if you want to gift your partner start with simple things even if it’s a beautiful dress, you know.

Most of the times we aim at greater things but even these simple acts of kindness will bring us a great deal of satisfaction. Saying hello to your neighbor and asking them how they are may mean a lot to them. That may brighten their gloomy day.

So friends, instead of us waiting for that perfect opportunity to be good to ourselves and others, what about we create those special moments, what about we do what we always wanted to do in bits. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Stop waiting for the perfect time but create that perfect time. Stop waiting for money but better your skills and money will come. Thank God for internet, we can access uncountable skills all over internet for free, so let’s seize the opportunity.

Carpe diem!!


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