Virginity, Why the Double Standards.

Virginity, girls are encouraged to keep it while boys are encouraged to loose it. Why the double standards, because girls can easily get pregnant and boys can’t, but they still have sex mainly with the same boy that are encouraged to explore at an early age.

Though with todays trends, things are changing fast, both girls and boys loose their virginity almost at the same age and the notion of girls keeping their virginity for that “special person” is eroding thanks to modern contraception.

Consecuently, a whole new culture is coming up, you know if a girl sleeps with diffrent dudes, then she belongs to the streets, she’s a hoe, she has a poor mileage, she doesnt have morals, she will not get a husband and bla bla bla. But a guy who sleeps with a different girl every weekend is not labeled. He’s just considered a man.

So basically we are replicating the same old notions that a girl should not have sex and should keep her virginty for her husband but a man is allowed to explore.

Here is my take though, a persons sexuality and sexual behaviour should entirely be their own decisions. This is not a decision that society or religion should make for anybody. Because it’s part of our journeys, our life. Sex education should be taught to teenagers, sex can have a really bad repurcursion when misused, too much of anything is poisonous, and adults know that, so let people do what is right and good for them as long as their actions will not affect anyone else and will not bring them any future regrets.

It’s not fair to judge someone for being highly sexed, as long their decisions are not affecting anyone.

Stay safe, Simaloi.

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