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Most of us worry about everything and anything all the time. I remember, from the time when I was in primary school, all that used to occupy my mind the most were thoughts of what I will do during the holidays, the holidays come and something else occupies my mind, in high school I used to day dream of when i’ll clear high school, join college, get a boyfriend, a good job and money.

Now I am in University and what I think about is getting a job, a husband and starting a family, technically I don’t remember any point in my life where my mind was purely present for like a whole month consecutively.

This to me is a major weakness, and I have set a target to overcome it this year. This habit has prevented me from enjoying the now. Being present in a biology class, enjoying being with my family and this has affected my grades and relationships. I have excelled yes, but if I was fully concentrating I would have done much more better.

so what I am using now is the 5 second rule technique by Mel Robbins, it’s where anytime you catch your mind drifting away, you count from 5 to 1 and bring it back to present. I have also started meditating as I have seen that it also helps a lot.

All I want now is to always be present and enjoy the small things in life, enjoy watching a bird fly, my cousin as he eats, the trees and buildings as I travel.

So if you suffer from excessive daydreaming, start looking for ways to overcome it because it is a weakness. And in this life tomorrow is never guaranteed so it’s best if we enjoy the now and today.

Jenny Simaloi